About Us

What is Symon’s Cops and Robbers?

Symon’s Cops and Robbers is a San Andreas (AKA Sa-Mp) server which aims to bring the most beautiful and realistic experience of cops chasing criminals (or viceversa..).

The server has started its journey on 1st October 2019 and has been online since mid December 2019, after closing due to owner’s personal problems.

SCNR has seen a sole developer since its start, Symon. But had a great back-end formed by Moderators and Beta Testers, which helped the owner since (and even before) the server launch. A big thanks goes to them who made this possible.

The script and its story

Ok, imma talk in first person now to describe how SCNR has affected my free time (and probably my life too).

The idea to create a CnR server was always on my mind, i always loved the cops chasing criminals servers, so i decided to start mine.

I have a 9+ years of Pawn experience but i’ll lie if i would say i never asked help many times about this or that, nobody is perfect.

I decided to start from scratch because i never liked edited scripts, i wanted something mine, from day 0.

As you can see, the development of SCNR started on 17 July 2019, and on October 1st we were live. Not even 3 months of instense scripting, testing, debugging and fixing.

The closure and the new begin…

I will not explain (again) how and why SCNR closed, so i’ll just post the announce i made on our Discord’s channel:

I think an image speaks for a thousand words. This is all for now, i hope you have enjoyed reading this “About Us”. This page will be updated once the server will be live again.

Have a nice day!