SCNR v1.0.3 is live! Read the exciting changelog You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. (April 14)

You can now create your own gang and invite your friends to join! For more info You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.. (March 26)

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SCNR v1.0.3

I could've released this update much earlier but i decided to release it today for a reason:


Symon's Cops and Robbers is now 1 month old!

To celebrate the first month, a BONUS CODE has been added and is ready to be redeemed ingame!

Go ingame, type /bonus and insert code: 1MONTH for a special reward!

This is so far the biggest update ever created after the relaunch of the server. I've worked a lot and being a sole developer increases the time and effort to make it ready and playable for everyone!

And as a gift, ALL bans have been lifted. So if you cheated in past, this is your LAST chance to redeem yourself.

Thanks to MrAz and Stefano for helping me during the test phase.

Brief introduction and explanation of the core feature: TURF WARS!

This update is made to give more space and freedom to skills, but how?

I'm pleased to announce turfs and turf wars. I've been thinking for so long about this but I never applied myself to make it. But it's now done and ready to be enjoyed.
Turfwars will give a fresh new look to the server, making it more exciting, competitive and active.

There are more than 150 turfs on all over Los Santos ready to be taken over/defended.
Each skill will own a different turf, and you have to kill its owners to capture it.
Hitmans, Con Artits, Drug Dealers and even Firefighters now owns their piece of turf, will you be brave enough to attack it and make it yours?

You can attack any turf which is NOT owned by your skill. Lemme make an example:
If you're a Con Artist, you cannot attack a turf owned by Con Artists, but instead you can attack turfs owned by Drug Dealers, Hitmans and Firefighters.

TL;DR: Team up with your friends (EG: A group of Con Artists) and attack enemy turfs!

To provoke a turf war a minimum of 3 players must be inside enemy the turf. Hold the position for 2 minutes to capture it.
If someone in your squad leaves the turf and/or there are less than 3 people left in the attacked turf, you lose the war.

NOTE: LEOs cannot arrest/cuff or issue a ticket if the suspect is partecing in a turf war.

Rewards for capturing an enemy turf:

$300 - $1000
1 - 5 score

Now let's jump to the full changelog...

SCNR v1.0.3 Changelog:

New Features/Small Additions:

Happy Hour! Enjoy 3x EXP, free cash, score and cookies every 5 minutes (Except when jailed). Staff members can enable/disable it anytime using the dedicated server control panel.
A cash pile is dropped upon player death.
Anti chat spam/flood which will automatically mute the player after 5 consecutive warnings.
Added help topic regarding turfwars in /help.
Textdraw under the bank balance showing the skill name of the player.
Server will respawn unoccupied vehicles (except owned ones) every 2 minutes.
Most Wanted spree: Now killing a Most Wanted player is more exciting and profitable. Every 5 killed Most Wanted players your MW spree will increase, reach 30x (30 kills) to get a bonus! After reaching a spree of 30 kills, your spree it will reset and you have to start from 0 again.
Note: The MW spree is TEMPORARY and is reset when you quit the server or upon death.
You can kill other players who have a MW spree in progress to receive some cash and score as bonus.
Added distance between the moneybag and the player position in /moneybag (/mb). Thanks to Aegon for the suggestion.
Added missing tips for collectibles.
Added missing transaction log when dropping money using /drop.
Killing people while in driveby mode using UZI/TEC9/MP5 will make your rear vehicle tires pop and you'll feel a bit dizzy.
Skill chat is now enabled. Type @text to chat. Example: @hi!.
Added center info box when picking up a bribe star.


Player, LEO and robbery level up message has been tweaked a bit. Player and Robbery level upgrade message is now colorized based on the skill color of the player.
You can now close your house from outside by pressing CONVERSATION_YES key. (Usually Y)
Drive-by with Sniper Rifle has been disabled.
$level and $rlevel have been renamed to $lvl and $rlvl.
Firefighters cannot destroy anymore an ATM to steal cash.
Maximum amount of money that can be robbed from an ATM is now 2k. (Was 1200$ before).
ATM robbery cooldown increased to 5 minutes.
Tweaks to entrances info.
Innocent players cannot be selected as random bountied player anymore.
Dropped items (/drop) will expire in 60 seconds if not picked up.
You can now own up to 20 vehicles. (Was 5 before)
/pc (Player Colors) command now returns to the help system when closing it. (/help)
Ticket price now ranges from $100 to $750.
Now each skill has their respective color. Check /pc for more info.
Bribes are not created randomly anymore upon server start. Instead their position is now static.
Drastically improved the player data saving.
Gametexts are now shown only to logged players.
Paycheck is now paid on wallet money instead of bank account.
Drastically reduced the vehicles on whole map.
You cannot use commands anymore while entering a vehicle. (Driver/Passenger seat)
You cannot send a PM anymore if you have disabled incoming PMs. This works for /r command too.


Fixed a bug where LEOs could get a wanted level/crime report when shooting a vehicle.
Fixed a bug where new players could be spawned with CJ skin.
Fixed connect sound sometimes not stopping when spawning.
Fixed "The engine of this vehicle is totalled" message showing multiple times at once.



Removed info log at the bottom center of the screen.
Removed some unnecessary timers.


Find what you love and let it kill you.
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