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We're live! SCNR is live starting from today. Join us:


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After 4 hours from server opening, i'm here writing this article to say something.

During the development of SCNR i encountered many obstacles and problems.

Not even 1 month ago a random guy joined SCNR discord's channel. His name is Jonny.

Well, to be honest, it isn't really random, i met him on SaMp forums. Then i asked him to join Discord.

Why i'm writing this? Because SCNR wouldn't be where it is now if it wasn't for him.

You guys know only the frontend of the server, not the backend.

And the SCNR backend is made by testing, debugging, raging each other and again testing.

In this month, that "random guy" never abandoned me, never said "no" when i needed help about something.

So let's give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Jonny was (and it is yet) a "pole" in SCNR development.

Just to quote something, the vehicle system is made by him. I just made the dealership.

You guys don't even know how many nights and days we spent fixing bugs and helping eachother.

So my big thanks goes to him.

And obviously thanks to everyone who helped me testing during this pre-launch.
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We're live!

After months of testing i'm proud to announce SCNR is live and opened for everyone!

Let's start this journey!

Join us:
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New staff team

As the launch is very near (-2), i've spent some time handling staff applications, so...

Welcome to:

[GNR]VyzL - Trial Moderator - Level 1
Potato - Trial Moderator - Level 1
SinnerSatan - Trial Moderator Level 1
GoldenKitty - Trial Moderator Level 1

MrAz1485 - Beta Tester
Zsombor0124 - Beta Tester

Congrats to everyone!
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Introducing graffiti system for gangs

In order to increase the fun of being a part of a gang, graffiti system has been implemented.

Old default graffiti (100 of them) have been replaced by custom ones. Graffiti position is the same as the default ones. (The default single player coordinates).

Get a Spraycan from Ammunation and start imposing your gang power to everyone.

The graffiti text will change based on your gang's name.

Please note that this feature is still in beta, bugs may occur.

This system will work ONLY if you're in a gang. If you keep spraying while not being in a gang, nothing will happen.

Please report any bugs which may occur.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Thanks to AbyssMorgan for the script which i heavily edited it to match SCNR gang system.
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SCNR Beta Testing Screenshots

Some random screens made during beta testing of SCNR, hope you'll like it. :D

Click the image to enlarge it.

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