How’s the development going?

Hey there, after some days i’m here to post some updates about SCNR development.

I’ll not reveal what has been added or changed or whatever, but just some informations.

Many things have been changed (starting from the delivery system to visual experience). Code has been lightened a lot so we expect a performance increase and less lag (not saying there was a lot before).

“Valet” job has been removed, i’m planning to add a totally different job system which will require some time.

Wanted level textdraw has been tweaked, same goes for GPS.

Deliveries have seen a deep change (back-end and front-end).

GPS navigation has been tweaked and code has been optimized even more.

New info boxes will replace old ones, better style and legibility. Same goes for clock/date which is now internal (fully handled by the script, not by the server).

There is a lot more which will be revealed on server launch – which i remember – is planned for April or May.

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for more updates and remember to join our Discord:

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