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SCNR - v1.0.3

Started by Symon, 4 October 2019 - 11:43:55

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A new version of SCNR is now out.



Internal changes to entrance system for a better handling of everything.
Clerks robberies now have a 70% of chance to succeed. (Was 50% before).
Drastically reduced ticket cost. Now its cost can't exceed $500.
LEOs ticket reward now is based on suspect's ticket amount + $100. Eg: A suspect paying a ticket of $500 will award $600 to the issuer LEO.
Bank controls (keypad & vault door) now have a cooldown of 15 minutes. (Was 10 before).
Refuel time has been decreased a bit.
Dispatch message for murders is now shown only if the killer is a Civilian.
Dispatch message for murders now shows the city of where the murder has been made.
Totally remade location system.
/loc now shows the city of where the located player is.
Robberies outside active city have been disabled.
Reduced fuel consumption.
Vehicle gas tank now has a capacity of 140 liters. (Was 120 before)
Low fuel warning message is now shown when 20 liters of fuel are left in gas tank. (Was 10 before)
Now running out of fuel doesn't eject you anymore from the vehicle, its engine will only stop. Once you refill the vehicle, engine will start normally again. (Thanks to Jonny for the suggestion).
LEOs weapons purchase discount has been changed to 25%. Weapon lockers in PD shows correct price, Ammunation will show its original prices but when you purchase somehting as a LEO, discount will be applied.
Now leveling up gives you also cash based on your new level * 100. EG: Leveled up to 10, 10*100 = $1000.
Sport vehicles (https://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Vehicles:Sport) now require level 15 to be purchased.

Random bounty now occurs on end of each game day instead of every 10 minutes.
You can now be selected as a random bountied player only if:
You have a wanted level equal or higher of 3 - You have a score equal or higher than 100 - You are not paused.


Courier delivery not showing unload checkpoint.
Removed unnecessary code and reduced queries.
Gang tag non giving respect and money.
Fixed a bug where when doing /v park and /v respawn your vehicle health managed to set to 1000.
"Civilian Vehicle" info box showing on personal vehicle.
Dealership purchase various bug fixes.


Missing clerk inside Jim's Sticky Donuts.
Mod shops map icons in all cites (LS - SF - LV).
"unmod" and "paintjob" to /v. Used to remove vehicle modifications and paintjob.
Info boxes for newbiew LEOs with score < 100.
New players now get $1000 as starting bonus.
Grenades/molotovs are not allowed anymore inside interiors.
Paycheck/tax system every day.

Core Feature:

Due to recent complaints regarding the arrest system, a new measure to prevent players quitting to avoid arrest has been introduced.

Now quitting, pausing and or spawning near a LEO in a range of 100 meters (200 if you're in a vehicle) will automatically send you to jail and the nearest LEO will be awarded.
The same happens when you quit to avoid, on next login your new home will be the jail.
If no LEO is near in the quoted range, nothing happens.

New arrest system:

Based on complaints i've been get recently, the arrest system has been revamped.
Now before arresting a suspect, you must cuff him first. Press MMB to cuff suspect, then again MMB to arrest him.
Suspect has a 10 seconds cooldown which he can use it to break cuffs. Once the cooldown expired and player failed/not tried to break cuffs, he can be arrested.
Find what you love and let it kill you.


Find what you love and let it kill you.